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6 Best Heavy Bag Stands: Our Top Picks for Power Punches


Heavy bag stands allow you to bring your power boxing and martial arts to your home gym. In this review, we’ll cover what to consider before buying a stand, show you some of the most popular brands and their best heavy bag stands, and do a deep dive into a few of our favorites. Read on to learn more!

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Why Buy a Heavy Bag Stand?

  • Practice your skills at home. With a heavy bag stand, like with a training dummy, you can bring your favorite workout home and practice your form without having to drive to the gym. That’s especially convenient if you happen to have a super-packed schedule and need quick access to a heavy bag.
  • No damage to walls. A heavy bag stand doesn’t need to be attached anywhere, so walls remain free from damage. If you’re renting a place or don’t want to deal with the hassle of hanging a heavy bag, a stand is a great option for you.
  • Heavy-duty support. Most heavy bag stands easily support 70- to 100-pound punching bags. Their steel construction makes them durable pieces that are sure to last you a long time.
  • Stress management. A heavy bag is a great stress management tool. Having one at home gives you quick and easy access to this stress buster whenever you need it. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to get a workout in.
  • Build upper-body strength. Work on your strength and power with a heavy bag. Having one around will make it much easier to stay on top of your fitness game by getting in regular workout sessions.
  • Improve balance and coordination. Heavy bag training is a great way to improve how you move. Stay on your toes, shift your weight around, and circle/strike the bag to start moving like a champ. It’s also great for your core stability.

Types of Heavy Bag Stands

The Floor Mount

This type of heavy bag stand is bolted directly to the floor. Shaped like an “L,” this stand can be placed wherever it can be secured to the ground. The floor mount makes this heavy bag stand semi-permanent in location and gives the support beam its stability by eliminating movement in the base during workouts.

The “U” or Tripod Stand

A great choice if you prefer something more mobile and less permanent. The shape of this stand allows it to be freestanding—but don’t confuse this with a freestanding heavy bag. Compared to a floor-mounted stand, this one is less stable and may require additional weights or anchors on the legs to keep it from moving around during high-energy workouts.

The Dual Stand

Like the “U” stand, this one is freestanding and can be moved around when needed. Again, you’ll lose some stability since it isn’t secured to the floor, but that can be managed with leg anchors or weights. Dual stands include both a heavy bag and a speed bag. The speed bag tends to be mounted on the opposite side of the heavy bag.

Titan Dual Station Boxing Stand For Speed & Heavy Bag

Titan Dual Station Stand for Speed & Heavy Bag

Top Heavy Bag Stand Brands


Everlast has been making boxing equipment for over a century and is a name that has become synonymous with boxing. The most popular heavy bag stands they carry are the Everlast 2 Heavy Bag Stand, the Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand, and the Everlast Station Heavy Bag Stand Bundle.

Title Boxing

Title Boxing was founded in 1998 with the intention of becoming the authority in boxing. In 2007, they expanded their brand to include more MMA equipment. Their popular heavy bag stands are the Title Heavy Bag Stand and Double Trouble Heavy Bag Stand.


Centurywasfounded by a martial arts champion in 1976 and focuses on serving the martial arts community. Their popular heavy bag stands include the Cornerman Heavy Bag Stand and the Century Heavy Bag Stand.

Heavy Bag Stand Pricing

  • Under $300: Budget stands work, but you’ll get what you spend. Stands in this price category often use cheaper steel tubing. We recommend investing in a higher-quality mid-range stand for better durability.
  • $300-$600: At this price point, you’ll get a good heavy bag stand that can get the job done. The stands are strong with good craftsmanship and great warranties. It’s possible that you’ll experience some squeakiness when the bag is swinging, but you’ll have a stable stand that won’t budge much.
  • $600 and up: This is the premium price range of heavy bag stands. Stands in this range are sturdy, built with the highest quality materials, with great designs and superb balance. You’ll be able to power train with the heaviest bags without worrying about knocking anything over.

Key Features of Heavy Bag Stands


When you’re punching, kicking, and pushing around 100 pounds or more, you need your heavy bag stand to be stable. The last thing you want is to tip it over and break something or cause an injury. This is why many stands come with built-in stability features like a wide base and plate pegs. Additional leg anchors are also available, and some manufacturers even include these with the purchase of the stand. Keep in mind that stands secured to the floor will be the most stable.


You’ll want to vary your heavy bag training. Stands that offer height and base adjustments can help you do just that and maximize your workout and your space. Height adjustability is great for lower ceilings or if you have long legs. A base adjustment gives you more room for footwork and is more stable.


Heavy bag stands take up space—on average, at least four feet in width and seven feet in height. That being said, you’ll need space all around the bag for it to swing and for you to train. Most heavy bag stands are designed to fit into corners, but their height can be a tight squeeze in spaces with low height clearance. Be sure to check the height, width, and length specifications before making a purchase decision.

Punching Laundry Bag

If only it were that easy…

What to Consider Before Buying a Heavy Bag Stand?

  • Assembly: All heavy bag stands require some assembly. Typically, stands are shipped in a couple of pieces, including the hardware, frame, anchors, and rubber grips. Tools and instructions are always included, so with a little time and some patience, you should be able to set your stand up pretty easily. Having a friend help is always a good idea, especially if you want to mount a heavy bag. Be safe when lifting heavy items.
  • Warranty: We recommend thinking about the included warranty to cover normal wear and tear. Having a heavy bag crash into the stand can loosen the bolts over time. The joints of the stand—secured with the hardware—can also wear over time. Different manufacturers offer different warranties, but most will cover defects on parts for about 120 days.
  • Space/Storage: Think about where you want to set up and use your heavy bag. Ensure this spot is an area with plenty of space on all sides for the bag to swing. We recommend getting a smaller bag and stand if you’re a little short on space to get the full experience without being cramped. Storing heavy bags and stands is a little inconvenient because all of the parts are heavy and cumbersome to move.

Best Heavy Bag Stand Reviews

Best Heavy Bag Stand Overall: Century Cornerman Stand

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This ultra-stable suspension system is ideal for practicing powerful strikes and working on your footwork. The unique design and many adjustable features make this the ideal pick for a corner of your home gym. It can accommodate bags up to 100 pounds and has a wide base, making it extra stable. It’s also great for practicing high kicks because the stand’s height can be easily adjusted.

This stand is durable thanks to the heavy-duty, 16-gauge steel tubing. The frame itself features a nonslip, shock-absorbing design that won’t flinch during the most intense workouts. This is enhanced by the non-slip rubber feet which keep everything in check.

Ceiling clearance can be a problem since it’s one of the tallest stands out there. Since it’s adjustable, it will fit into smaller spaces as well. Keep in mind that taller stands are better for practicing kicks, so if that’s what you want to train, this is a great pick for you.

Best High-Capacity Heavy Bag Stand: Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand

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When it comes to durability and weight capacity, this is the ultimate champion. It has an incredible 350-pound capacity that will withstand even the most intense workouts you can muster. The 15-year warranty ensures that your stand will be covered. The easy assembly uses only seven screws to keep everything together.

This is a tall stand with lots of heavy-duty features. Four sandbag anchors are included, so you can add more stability if needed. Overall, the warranty and stability features make this the perfect stand for your heavy punches and high kicks.

Exposed hardware is the main concern on this stand. All that durability means a lot of screws and bolts; some of these are located in problematic areas. You might hit an exposed bolt when the bag swings, which could end up damaging or even ripping your heavy bag.

Best Heavy Bag Stand for the Money: Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

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Everlast is a market leader in heavy bags for good reason. This heavy-duty stand is crafted from powder-coated steel tubing for ultimate durability. It supports heavy bags up to 100 pounds and any speed bag size. Three weight plate pegs offer the ability to increase stability even further.

The narrow dimensions of this stand make it great for smaller spaces. The adjustable platform is ideal for customizing your workout. Overall, this stand is easy to assemble—just make sure to set aside some time so you can do it right. Have a friend help with mounting the heavy bag to avoid any lifting-related injuries.

If you enjoy high-energy power training, this may not be the right pick for you. As far as stands go, this one is less stable than some other models. That being said, this is a great stand if you happen to be starting out with heavy bag training. It more than meets most training requirements.

Best Heavy Bag Stand Set: Everlast Dual-Station Heavy Bag Stand

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This stand accommodates 70- to 100-pound bags and has a narrower base than most competing models. The plus on this option is it already comes equipped with both a speed bag and a heavy bag to suit all of your training needs. The set also includes cotton wraps and high-quality leather gloves to protect your hands, making this the ultimate starter pack.

Given the narrow base and small footprint, this stand is a great addition to your home gym. The main drawback here is that the speed and heavy bags are mounted on opposite ends, making it a little tricky to place this stand in a corner.

If you’re an experienced boxer, the narrow base may cause more instability or movement in your workouts and may also limit your space for footwork. You can always purchase additional anchors for added stability.

Best Multipurpose Heavy Bag Stand: Titan Dual Station Boxing Stand

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Durable construction and sleek design come together to make the ultimate multipurpose heavy bag stand. This boxing stand is made to hold a 100-pound heavy bag and any speed bag size, perfect for varying your workouts and improving both your speed and coordination. Powder-coated steel tubing leaves less wear and tear on your bag and provides a smooth, snag-free finish.

In terms of stability, this one has three weight plate pegs to keep it from wobbling. Add as much or as little extra weight as you need to customize the stability. If you’re looking to upgrade your stand and to work out with a heavier bag, this is a great product that combines speed and power workouts into one session.

If you happen to be on the tall side, this stand may be too short for your needs. It stands just under seven feet. Perfect for home gyms with limited space, this is problematic if you’re looking for something that can help develop your martial arts skills.

Best Bolt-Down Heavy Bag Stand: Titan Adjustable Heavy Bag Boxing Stand

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If you’re looking for a stand that definitely won’t budge during power workouts, look no further than this one. It has a gusseted footplate, for extra strength and stability, connected to a frame made with heavy-duty steel that’s bolted together. The height is adjustable, with a vertical design that occupies minimal floor space.

Another cool feature of this stand is the 360-degree access around the bag, ideal for improving your footwork without worrying about tripping over supports. It can support heavy bags up to 300 pounds.

The only major drawback we found was the exposed hardware on the frame from the bolt-together design. With repeated contact, your heavy bag may start to show signs of wear and tear sooner than it would otherwise.

Heavy Bag Stand Tips

  • If you find your heavy bag stand moving too much with your punches and kicks, try adding anchors, weights, or stabilizers to keep everything secure. It’s also a good idea to check that your stand is still in good working order to make sure the lack of stability isn’t coming from a loose bolt.
  • To improve your form, keep an eye on your balance. Throw punches at the bag, but stand on both feet without leaning in. This will improve your balance and punching power while giving you the opportunity to improve your footwork.
  • Hitting a heavy bag is a cardio workout as much as it is a strength workout. Keep an eye on how you’re breathing—you’ll want to have a good rhythm going so you aren’t exhausting yourself.
  • Position your heavy bag stand in an area with a lot of free space around you. That way, you won’t accidentally kick the bag into something valuable, and it’ll allow you to really get into your workout.
  • You can use a bag as a warm-up tool for other workouts. Just make sure you’re not going too hard before your muscles have a chance to do some work.

Heavy Bag Stand FAQs

Q: What weight bag should I be using?

A: The right heavy bag for you depends on a couple of factors. Most people can use a 70-pound heavy bag without problems. If you’re a real heavy hitter, you’ll want to use a 100-pound bag. Keep in mind, the heavier the bag, the less it sways, making it easier to practice landing kicks and punches.

Q: Is punching a heavy bag loud?

A: It can be! The sound of your glove or foot landing into a 70- or 100-pound bag with power will definitely make some noise. Plus, the movement of the bag will make the nuts and bolts squeak. You can try changing your gloves or slowing your rhythm to help minimize the noise.

Q: Should I wear gloves when I punch a heavy bag?

A: Heavy bags are designed for practice with boxing equipment and gear. A misplaced punch with bare knuckles can leave your skin and joints pretty banged up. In other words, use gloves if you can to help protect your hands and wrists.

Q: Do I need to tape my wrists before punching a heavy bag?

A: Taping your wrists and fists before punching a heavy bag adds another layer of protection that will protect your skin and joints. Wearing gloves on top of the wrap is even better if you’re looking to minimize the risk of injury as much as possible. Check out this video on how to wrap your wrists for more info.

Q: How do you keep a heavy bag stand from moving?

A: Sand or water anchors are an easy addition to your heavy bag stand that can help prevent it from moving during your workouts. Check your hardware frequently for loose nuts or bolts and be sure you’re using a heavy bag (70-100 pounds). Finally, work on your technique to make sure you’re hitting your bag right.

Alternative Options

Wall-Mounted Heavy Bags

A wall-mounted heavy bag is suspended from a chain or rope attached to a bolted mount in your ceiling or wall. They tend to be more secure and stable, especially when it comes to power training. When you use a wall mount, you run the risk of damaging your property. You must also commit your equipment to a single spot. With a heavy bag stand, you have the freedom to adjust it as you please.

Freestanding Bags

A freestanding bag requires no chain or rope suspension since it stands upright on its own, centered over a heavy base. Freestanding bags tend to be filled with lighter materials which can limit kicking and punching power. The lighter materials and single-unit design make them prone to tipping with power work. Freestanding heavy bags are great for cardio kickboxing and low-kick practice but not ideal for endurance or power training.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for heavy bag stands is the Century Cornerman Stand, thanks to its unique design and adjustability features.

If you’re looking for something more wallet-friendly, a great pick is the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand. It has a quality build for the money and is an ideal pick if you’re just starting out.

What are your favorite heavy bag stands? Agree or disagree with our picks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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